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Camp Sessions

From Water Sports to Paintball, we have a camp for every camper! Just scroll and find the session that is right for you. Have questions about a camp session? Get in touch with us!

We base all camp sessions on grades that your camper is GOING INTO.

If there is no information for your camp, check back later.

Main Camp Sessions

There are the "typical" large camp sessions. There is something for everyone at these sessions!


June 15-17

This weekend camp for 2nd-4th graders will be EPIC!

Matt James


Beginner Camp

July 27-29

This weekend long camp is perfect for 2nd-5th graders who LOVE camp!

Joyce & Rick Rammel


Adventure 345

June 25-30

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, are you ready for an adventure?

Steve Williamson


Adventure 456

July 16-21

A week of adventures for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders!

Michael Dawson


Middle School

July 2-7

This camp is perfect for middle school (5th-8th grade) students.

Craig Shady


middle school too

July 9-14

Because one week for middle schoolers (6th-9th grade) is not enough!

Geoff Lawson


HIgh school

June 18-23

We cannot wait for our high school (9th-13th grade) campers to experience High School Week here at BSCC!

Hannah Swelbar


VIP Camp

June 4-7

VIP Camp is designed for individuals with high and low incident disabilities.  

Laura Wersell


Sports Camps

Develop your skills or try something new with one of our popular weeks of sports camp!


Basketball 1 (H.S.)- June 11-15
Jared Miller
Basketball 2 (M.S.)- July 23-27
Todd Faust

We have a basketball camp for high school (9th-13th grade) and middle school (6th-9th grade) aged campers! Check them out!



With 6 Paintball camp sessions for all ages, this summer, we have plenty of space for you to play paintball at BSCC! Check out the info we have on our Paintball Camps.


June 11-14

Become a better volleyball player and teammate. For girls 7th grade and up!

Jon & Kathy Mercer



June 11-15

Play soccer all week long at Soccer Camp! This camp is for 5th-8th graders who want to become better soccer players. 

Sam Stauffer


Cheer Camp

July 23-27

For a cheerleader, camp couldn't get any better than this! This camp is for 5th-8th grade girls.

Stephanie Carson

More info!

Water Sports

June 15-18

Water ski, tube, wake board, knee board and more on Rocky Fork Lake, no experience needed! 8th grade- recent grads are welcome!

Pete Creamer



Mountain Bike

June 11-15

Bike over the hills at BSCC and beyond, learn about bike upkeep, and have a great time during this week of camp. Any 5th-12th grader is welcome!

Joe Etienne



June 11-15

There is so much for 6th graders and up to learn at Karate Camp. This camp is for all experience levels!

Mike Warner


Educational Camps

Learn more about things that interest you while you spend time as a camper at BSCC!

Horse Camp

Horse Camp 1: July 2-7
Horse Camp 2: July 9-14

Horse Camp at Butler Springs combines the best of Christian camping with horsemanship and riding!  For 11-18 year-olds with any level of experience who want to learn.

Carole Bower




July 23-27

Experience Butler Springs through science, experiments, and thinking outside the box. S.T.E.M. Camp is for the 5th-8th graders who loves to solve problems and learn about the world around them.

Danielle Penrod


Be Creative 1&2

Be Creative includes a healthy dose of improv, games and challenges, and storytelling.  Br Cre 1 is for middle schoolers (6th-8th grade), Be Cre 2 is for high schoolers (9th-13th grades). They take place during the same week, do some activities together.

Hunter Ellis

July 2-7

Culinary Cafe

June 11-15

Campers (9th-13th grade) will expand their cooking knowledge and explore recipe options while diving into God's word and drawing closer to God's plan for our lives. 

Tracy Reeves


Kids Cafe

July 23-27

Kids (5th-8th graders) will learn cooking basics and explore recipe options while diving in to God's word and drawing closer to God's plan for our lives. 

Tracy Reeves


Fresh Camp

June 11-15

High school girls! Want to learn more about what Jesus can do in your life AND have a fun week at camp? Fresh Camp is for you! Fresh Camp is all about fresh starts and fresh perspectives using the Bible as our lens.

Carrie Nickels


Selfie Camp

July 16-21

This camp session is designed for 6th-8th grade girls to learn about who they are and who's they are. Selfie camp focuses on identity and who is influencing us.

Staci Crawford


Chess Camp

July 14-16

Want to know how to play chess? Want to become a better chess player? This is the camp for you! Not only will campers learn more about the game, they will also learn more about the Lord! For 7th-12th graders.

Scott Amos


Wilderness Camps

Stay on BSCC property at our primitive sites. Cook your own meals, sleep outside, and get to do all the activities we have to offer!

Safari Camp

Safari campers stay in elevated huts or tree houses a short hike from main camp, make their own meals, go canoeing or rafting and so much more!

BSCC has many Safari Camps for campers of all ages! Check out the info we have on Safari Camps.


Wilderness Quest

Wilderness Quest campers stay in bunk tents a short hike from main camp, make their own meals, go canoeing or rafting and so much more!

BSCC has several Wilderness Quest options for campers of all ages! Check out the info we have on these camps.


Mother/Daughter options

Check out Safari and Wilderness Quest camps for moms and dads too!

Check out the info we have on parent and me primitive camps.


Discover Safari

Discover Safari 1- June 15-17
Discover Safari 2- July 14-16

Like Safari Camp but is for younger campers who want to test the waters first! These options are for 3rd-5th graders.


Adventure Camps

Go new places while being a BSCC camper. These unique camps fill up fast so sign up quick!

Parent/Teen Extreme

June 11-13

Head to West Virginia to go rafting, cliff jumping, and hiking with your parent/ child (13-18 year-olds). Your leaders will show you the way to do all these activities while you get to spend time together.  

Keith Warner

More info!

Wild West Virginia

June 10-17

Spend the week in West Virginia hiking, camping, and rafting. this camp is a great way to get out into God's creation and experience new things. For 9th-13th grades.

Troy Roush




July 8-15

Campers travel from Butler Springs to varying adventurous locations to spend the week backpacking and canoeing. For 8th grade and up! (AKA Canadian Outback)

Gus Denzik



Family Camps

Family is one of the biggest gifts God has given us, we want to celebrate that and create a place for families to spend quality time together. 

Family Campout

May 26-29

Spend Memorial Day weekend at camp, with your whole family. Spend the weekend in your camp or camper at BSCC. Make meals over the open fire, hang out, distraction-free in God's creation, and participate in BSCC activities all together.

Note: BSCC will not be opening cabins for this camp session. Families/groups will need to bring their own camping accommodations for this weekend.

Chris Osborne


My Parent and Me

June 2-4

This camp is for any child 4th-9th grade and their guardian who wants to develop a closer relationship between themselves and God. This camp is full of fun and adventure that will help draw families closer.

Parent AND child need to be registered as a camper for this camp.


Keith Warner


First Chance Camp

June 9-10

This camp is for any child 1st-3rd grade who wants to experience camp for the first time with the comfort of a parent/ grandparent with them. This camp is a great way for young campers to experience new things while feeling secure.

Parent AND child need to be registered as a camper for this camp.

Keith Warner


Family Fun Weekend

July 14-16

This weekend is designed for the entire family to develop a closer relationship between each other  and God. This camp is full of fun and adventure, and you can bring the whole family, children, parents, grandparents, cousins!

Parent AND child need to be registered as a camper for this camp.

Brad Clouse


Day Camps

For our youngest campers (1st-3rd grade) who want to experience camp, but don't want to stay all night. Swim, hike, and more at Day Camp!

More info will open in your downloads.


Day Camp 1: June 6- Patty Gosche

Day Camp 2: June 7- Patty Gosche

Day Camp 3: June 8- Patty Gosche

Day Camp 4: July 20- Shawnee Olea

Day Camp 5: July 21-Shawnee Olea

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