BSCC Paintball Camps

Some of our fastest growing, most popular camps are paintball camps. These camps are a lot of fun, a little competitive, and an awesome way to spend part of your summer. 

Dates and Ages

Paintball 1 (6th-8th grades): June 4-8

Paintball 2 (9th-13th grades): June 11-14

Paintball 3 (4th-6th graders): June 15-17

Paintball 4 (9th-13th graders): July 9-12

Paintball 5 (6th-8th graders): July 16-19

Paintball 6 (4th-6th graders): July 27-29

Frequently Asked Questions About Paintball Camp

Do I need to bring my own gear?

Butler Springs provides guns, paint, facemasks, and chest protectors. We suggest that you wear clothes that can get dirty and will help protect you, like long sleeved shirts, long pants, and shoes that you can get dirty and run in.

I have never played before, does it really hurt?

Short answer, yes, but you will be okay. Long answer, it depends on how close you are to the person who hit you and where you get hit. It is likely that you will leave with a few bruises, and also a few stories. 

Where and how often do we play?

 There are several places on BSCC property campers play paintball including the paintball course on top of one of the hill close to main camp. You will play paintball everyday you are here as a camper for several hours a day. It is called paintball camp for a reason! You will also be able to participate in all of the adventure activities BSCC has to offer.