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  • Are scholarships available?
    We never want money to be a hinderance in a child coming to camp, so we do have scholarship available to campers. If you are a member of one of our supporting churches, we encourage families to see if they offer any assistance for families. We also have various ways to financially assist families. Fill out this form and we will get back to your request as soon as we can!
  • What if there is an emergency with my child at camp?
    Butler Springs will ALWAYS have a First Aid Person on staff everyday of camp. If your child needs medicine administered; care for minor cuts, scratches; headaches; stomach aches; etc.…, our qualified First Aid Person will take care of the situation at hand. If the situation is serious or something that the First Aid Person does not have the qualifications for, parents will be the first to be notified.
  • Are sleeping areas air conditioned?
    All main camp sleeping areas have air conditioned rooms. Safari Camp and Wilderness Quest do have have air conditioned sleeping areas.
  • What are Safari Camp and Wilderness Quest?
    Safari Camp is our more primitive but yet very popular camp sessions. Safari campers sleep in tree houses where there is no electricity and no running water (except for cooking purposes). Safari camp sleeps a maximum of 24 campers and is geared for outdoorsy kids. Campers go canoeing one day on the Little Miami River as well as have the opportunity to do the challenge course activities at main camp. Safari campers will prepare breakfast and dinner meals and they will eat lunch at main camp with the rest of the camp. Wilderness Camp is another one of our more primitive but very popular camps. Wilderness Quest campers sleep in a large canvas tent with bunk beds; have no electricity or running water (except for cooking purposes); fix their own breakfast and dinner meals while eating lunch at main camp; and usually go canoeing one day, rock climbing and have the opportunity to do the challenge course activities at main camp. Wilderness Quest was introduced to relieve some interest from Safari but we have found now that kids love both of our primitive camps! Find out more here!
  • Will there be a lifeguard at the pool?
    Yes. Prior to any swimming sessions, we mandate that everyone passes the swim test. This will be the assessment that determines whether or not your child will be permitted to access the deep end of the pool and will be up to the Lifeguard for a final decision. Every swim session will have at least one American Red Cross trained Lifeguard supervising. Typically, to be extra alert and safe, we have multiple Lifeguards on duty during the younger aged kids’ swim times. Personal Floatation Devices are allowed in the pool but swimmers will not be allowed in the deep end if they fully rely on PFD’s.
  • How do I register my child?
    Online registration is a BREEZE! Go to our registration page, and click "Register for camp". If you registered last year online, you will use the SAME login and password to access your account. If you have forgotten your login and password, please call the office and we can retrieve that information for you.
  • My church is paying for part (or all) of camp tuition, where do I put in that information?
    When registering online, you will enter the coupon code on the screen BEFORE you get to the payment page. The coupon code will be reflected on the total amount owed.
  • My coupon code is not working, what do I do?
    Check that you are entering it correctly. If the code is not exactly as we have it in the system, it will not work. If that is not the issue, please contact camp and we will help you out.
  • My child has medication, does camp need to know that?
    YES! All medications (except inhalers and epi pens) must be checked in when you drop you camper off at camp. While you are going through the registration process, you can input all camper medical information, including medication schedule, allergies, permission to give OTC medication, etc. It is important that this information is as accurate as possible, so you can login and enter new medications close to the time of camp and talk with our First-Aid person.
  • Are camp sessions based on the grade my camper is currently in or going into?
    If the session is based on grade, it is based on the grade your camper is entering in the fall.
  • The session I want to put my camper in is not appearing as an option, why?
    There are a couple reasons this might be happening: Your camper is not the right age/grade for the camp session you are looking for. There is an issue with your camper information. If you are not sure how to fix the issue, contact camp.
  • What should I pack?
    Click here to see our packing list. Remember, some camps ask you to bring additional items specific to your week. Make sure you read your camp letters to get that information.
  • What if I know I am going to be late/ early drop-off/ picking up early?
    If you have to pick your child up earlier than the normal check out time, we ask that you fill out the “Early Dismissal Form” so that we know when and who will be picking your child up. We strongly discourage dropping your child off early at camp. Please don’t get upset with us if we start on time instead of opening up early!!! To get an "Early Dismissal Form" please email with your request.
  • Can someone else pick up my child?
    Yes, but for security reasons, we ask that you list all possible people who can pick up your child on the registration form. If you forget to include any potential people to pick up your child, you are more than welcome to contact the office and inform the staff who will be picking up your child.
  • Do I need to send extra money with my child?
    Your child will be fed three great meals each day as well as given two snack items in mid-afternoon activities. Also, everyone will have an evening snack of some sort. If you want to send money with your child to purchase extra snacks during canteen, you are more than welcome. Mission money (like an offering) is collected each week, so plan on sending some money for missions (not mandatory). If you would prefer to write a check for missions and give it to one of the Full Time Staff upon arrival to keep from your child loosing money, that would be fine. We do advise that you do not send excessive amounts of money with your child. The potential of getting lost or being stolen increases. You now have the option to leave money on your child's online account to use at the store. BSCC staff will be able to track how much money is remaining on their account through out the week. Any remaining money not spent at the canteen at the end of the week will be put toward our summer mission.
  • How do I send mail for my child to camp?
    We encourage parents to send mail and/or care packages to their child throughout his/her camp session. Due to the bulk mail we receive, please make sure to label your mail like this example: Butler Springs Christian Camp Camper's Full Name Camp Session 3701 State Route 41 Hillsboro, OH 45133 Please allow a few extra days for mail to arrive at camp. BSCC is not responsible for lost mail.
  • How do you accommodate severe food allergies?
    We can provide you with a menu so that you, as a parent/guardian, can plan/supplement your child's food preferences/needs for certain meals. The kitchen staff have been properly trained to prepare foods in such a manner that will prevent cross contamination. If you are still concerned, you are more than welcome to pack all meals for your child and store them in the main kitchen’s refrigerator and/or freezer to be prepared by the kitchen staff.
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