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Kosova Life Ministries

Kosova Life Ministries brings a Christian worldview to the people of Kosova by building relationships through sports programs, after-school activities, a community youth center and humanitarian aid.

Caleb & Heather Chesnut

My name is Caleb Chesnut and my wife Heather and I have served as missionaries in Kosova (a small country in Eastern Europe) since August 2014. In the fall of 2018 we started a nonprofit called Kosova Life Ministries so we could better serve here in Kosova. We have 5 daughters ages 6 and under who live here in Kosova with us.


We love sports and we love Jesus! We travel to different village schools teaching sports and incorporating Biblical Values into practices. We also help run humanitarian aid projects and a ladies ministry with the local church. Our goal here has always been to meet physical needs and build relationships with people as a foundation for sharing our Faith. 


We are really looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing more at camp this summer!

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