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Resources for Deans

We hope you find everything you need to prepare for camp here! If you have any questions, please let us know. 

We could not make summer camp happen without YOU! Thank you for all that you do for camp, campers, and the Kingdom.


Send BSCC your camp description.

Parents ask all the time what the themes of camps are and what is the difference between this camp and that camp. Send a short description of what you will be teaching, what your campers will be doing, contact info (email is fine), off-campus travel details, and expectations to Josie so we can share!

Start Scheduling

We want to have as much scheduled ahead of time as possible. Please send your  schedules to Brandon 7 days before your start date. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, the more time we have to plan the better! Special requests need to be made 14 days prior to your camp start date.

Faculty Registration

New this year, all faculty and jr. faculty MUST register online so we know everyone who is here every week. This includes, deans, dorm parents, group leaders, first-aid people. More info below.

T-Shirt Designs

If you want a shirt that is different from the camp shirt, please have that design to us 28 days prior to your start date. If we don't have it by then, we won't be able to get the order in on time.

Who is coming?

Any time you need a list of campers who have registered or see a list of faculty who have gotten registered, reach out to Josie and she will send you your lists. You are not bothering us by asking for your lists!

Faculty Check-In

Make sure your faculty knows they need to be at camp 90 minutes before camper check-in begins. This is new, but we want to make sure we know everyone that is on campus before campers arrive.

What's new in 2023?

Faculty Registration

This will help us better keep track of who is on campus, who has all the required materials turned in, references, background checks, shirt sizes, lodging, and more. We know that since this is new, there may be a few hiccups along the way, so we ask for some grace and patience as we works things out. But, we believe it will make for a better and safer camp experience for everyone on campus. 

ALL faculty, junior and adult, need to register. Anyone who will be staying over night on campus and is not a camper needs to be registered. Exceptions would be parents brings children YOUNGER than the camp session they are volunteering for.

This registration process is similar to the camper registration process. Below is the link to share with your faculty and a help guide that walks through the process of registering as faculty for you to share.

Please submit a list of all the faculty you think are attending your week 21 days prior to you session start date so we can check who has registered.

If you or anyone on your team has any questions, concerns, or issues getting registered, have them contact Josie.


We have made improvements to our registration, medical, and check-in systems. This means check-in will look a little different than it has in the past. All campers will get a wristband with a barcode that is associated with their name and info. This will make it easy for us to make sure everyone is where they should be, make the meds process easier for our first-aid person, and can easily pull up camper contact info. 

Check in for faculty: We ask that all faculty be at camp and ready for a meeting at 2:30pm for Sunday check-ins and 1.5 hrs. early for other camps. We will be checking in faculty, getting names, confirming we have all info needed from everyone, and giving wristbands for faculty. Every faculty MUST be checked-in and given a wristband before they can stay overnight on campus. More details to follow.

Check-in for campers: We are not 100% sure of what check-in will be just yet, we will keep you posted, but we are planning on having the full-time staff people be who is checking campers in. While most of our check-ins start at 4:00pm, there are always people who are early. Please BE ON TIME and ready to greet campers half an hour before the scheduled check-in time.

Camp Store

We are now able to track camper store balances, which means parents can load money onto their camper's store account at registration, before camp, and during check-in for their campers to make purchases at canteen (there is also an option for faculty to put money on their accounts as well). We will still accept cash at canteen, but we had several parents ask us about this being an option last summer, so we hope it works well. All money campers do not spend at canteen by the end of their week will be added to the summer mission total. 

Contact us!

Camp Phone

        Call or text: (937)588-2205

Chris Osborne                              Call or text: (937) 403-7176

Josie McDowell                                       Call or text: (937) 509-0150

Brandon Howard

Austin Fouts

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