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Resources for Deans

We hope you find everything you need to prepare for camp here! If you have any questions, please let us know. 

We could not make summer camp happen without YOU! Thank you for all that you do for camp, campers, and the Kingdom.


Send BSCC your camp description.

Parents ask all the time what the themes of camps are and what is the difference between this camp and that camp. Send a short description of what you will be teaching, what your campers will be doing, contact info (email is fine), off-campus travel details, and expectations to Josie so we can share!

Start Scheduling

We want to have as much scheduled ahead of time as possible. Please send your  schedules to Josie 7 days before your start date. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, the more time we have to plan the better! Special requests need to be made 14 days prior to your camp start date.

Camp Store

If a parent has put money on a camper's store account, we will let them spend that money at the store. We will do our best to make sure those campers know they have money on their accounts at the beginning and end of the week. Money left over on accouts will go toward the summer mission and count toward your week's mission total.

Faculty Registration

Like last year, all faculty and jr. faculty MUST register online at least 2 weeks prior to your camp start date so we know everyone who is here every week. This includes, deans, dorm parents, group leaders, first-aid people.

Faculty Registration Page

T-Shirt Designs

Everyone will be getting a BSCC 75th Anniversary t-shirt this summer. We will share the design as soon as we have it!


BSCC is going to be in charge of housing assignments for staff and campers. For any questions or special requests, contact Josie.

Who is coming?

Any time you need a list of campers who have registered or see a list of faculty who have gotten registered, reach out to Josie and she will send you your lists. You are not bothering us by asking for your lists!

Faculty Check-In

Make sure your faculty knows they need to be at camp 90 minutes before camper check-in begins. We know everyone that is on campus before campers arrive. If they arrive after this time, they will need to park on the soccer field like the campers until we get everyone settled after check-in.

What's new in 2024?

Camper Housing

We will have a bigger hand in assigning campers and faculty housing than in years past. For smaller camps, this won't change much from years past. But for bigger camps, this will be different. 

If you know of certain faculty that want to be with certain campers, let Josie know, and she will make sure that happens. We will try to keep churches together but allow for "buffer room" in case changes need to be made to housing arrangements at the time of check-in. We are hopeful that this will take something off our dean's plates leading up to camp. 


If you have and special requests about how to break campers up if other than by church, let Josie know. We are happy to work with you on this.  


We are always trying to improve our check-in process. This summer, we are going to try to control as much of the process as possible. We would love your help directing people to their dorms, and once at the dorms, this is where most of the introduction process should take place. 

Contact us!

Camp Phone

        Call or text: (937)588-2205

Chris Osborne                         

Josie McDowell                          

Austin Fouts

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