Security Questions

Can someone else pick up my child if I am not able to?

  • Yes, but for security reasons, we ask that you list all possible people who can pick up your child on the registration form. If you forget to include any potential people to pick up your child, you are more than welcome to contact the office and inform the staff who will be picking up your child.

Who are the Summer Staff & Volunteers?

  • Our Summer Staff and Volunteers are people who are highly trained and certified with what we do at camp and who love the Ministry of Butler Springs. Each Summer Staff & Volunteer goes through a screening process which includes a background check, reference letters and an interview. Every person that steps foot onto our property to work or volunteer has to be cleared to do so first. We take it very seriously who is going to be working with our campers and remind them daily that they are representing Jesus Christ to these young people.

What if there is an emergency with my child at camp?

  • Butler Springs will ALWAYS have a First Aid Person on staff everyday of camp. If your child needs medicine administered; care for minor cuts, scratches; headaches; stomach aches; etc…, our qualified First Aid Person will take care of the situation at hand. If the situation is serious or something that the First Aid Person does not have the qualifications for, parents will be the first to be notified.

How safe are your check out / pick up procedures?

  • Every child is retained in one holding spot while parents pick their child up. Only people listed on the registration are able to pick up a child. If someone is not listed on the registration, we will call the parents to see if this person is allowed to pick up your child. Please don’t get offended if we question and investigate who you actually are!!! Your child’s safety is our number 1 priority and we will honor you trusting us with your precious loved ones.

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