General Camp Questions

My child can swim but is not a strong swimmer; will there be a lifeguard at the pool?

  • Prior to any swimming sessions, we mandate that everyone passes the swim test. This will be the assessment that determines whether or not your child will be permitted to access the deep end of the pool and will be up to the Lifeguard for a final decision. Every swim session will have at least one American Red Cross trained Lifeguard supervising. Typically, to be extra alert and safe, we have multiple Lifeguards on duty during the younger aged kids’ swim times. Personal Floatation Devices are allowed in the pool but swimmers will not be allowed in the deep end if they fully rely on PFD’s.

What is Safari camp?

  • Safari Camp is our more primitive but yet very popular camp sessions. They sleep in tree houses where there is no electricity and no running water (except for cooking purposes). Safari camp sleeps a maximum of 24 campers and is geared for outdoorsy kids. Campers go canoeing one day on the Little Miami River as well as have the opportunity to do the challenge course activities at main camp. Safari campers will prepare breakfast and dinner meals and they will eat lunch at main camp with the rest of the camp.

What if I know I am going to be late / early dropping off / picking up my child?

  • If you have to pick your child up earlier than the normal check out time, we ask that you fill out the “Early Dismissal Form” (can be found on our website) so that we know when and who will be picking your child up. We strongly discourage dropping your child off early at camp. Please don’t get upset with us if we start on time instead of opening up early!!!

What is Wilderness Quest camp?

  • Wilderness Camp is another one of our more primitive but very popular camps. Wilderness Quest campers sleep in a large canvas tent with bunk beds; have no electricity or running water (except for cooking purposes); fix their own breakfast and dinner meals while eating lunch at main camp; and usually go canoeing one day, rock climbing and have the opportunity to do the challenge course activities at main camp. Wilderness Quest was introduced to relieve some interest from Safari but we have found now that kids love both of our primitive camps!

How should I label mail?

  • You are more than welcome to send care packages as well as letters and cards to your child and loved ones, we just ask that you label it properly.

  • Example of how incoming mail should be labeled:

  • Butler Springs Christian Camp
    John Doe <-------Make sure you put the camper's name
    Safari 6 <-------Make sure you put the session your camper is attending
    3701 State Route 41
    Hillsboro, OH 45133

  • *Plan on at least 1 extra day for mail to arrive at Butler Springs Christian Camp.
    **Butler Springs Christian Camp is not responsible for lost or misplaced mail items.

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